Our 100% fique (or agave)  fibre bucket bags are made by female members of the indigenous tribe Kankuamo, native to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Northeast Colombia.

A traditional design of the Kankuamo, the entire process from harvesting the fibre, to spinning, dyeing and finally crocheting the bag takes place in the same community.

The dyes used add different colourways and come from local plants, flowers and tree bark and natural mordants such as avocado stones are used, ensuring the whole process is entirely organic.

The strength of the agave fibre combined with the tight weaving, makes the bag durable and strong and it’s perfect for travel as it can be folded small and is incredibly lite.

The bag can be worn in the traditional way - across the body or simply as a shoulder bag.

To find out more about the Kankuamo, their mochilas, and how we work together, please visit our projects page.


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