These mochila bags are made in a remote village in Northern Colombia. They are made from the fibre of wild growing agave which grows abundantly in the region. Once the agave is harvested and dried, It's dyed using the flowers, roots, bark and leaves of native plants and trees.  The weaving of mochilas is an integral part of life for the Kankuamo women, even before they were sold, they were used as a form of exchange between families, towns and tribes. These bags are strong, lite and come in a variety of colors and designs.


Our beautiful bags are made by Arhuaca women in a remote valley in the high mountains of Northern Colombia, where the wool for the bags is shorn, washed, spun and finally woven by hand into these intricate designs. They can take from 3-6 weeks to make. For the Arhuaca women the cylindrical shape represents the feminine - a symbol of fertility, a representation of mother earth and the cyclical nature of life. The different designs on the mochilas are cultural expressions of the artisans landscape, her stories and her beliefs.


Our Werregue baskets are made by the Wounaan who are native to the pacific coast of Colombia. They are made from the fibre of the Werregue palm which is painted with native plant dyes. For the Wounaan, their baskets are a form of art, each with it's distinct spirit and design. This type of basket weaving is incredibly intricate and one of the most complex basket techniques in the world. We have a selection of baskets and plates in different sizes, shapes, colours and designs, and each is entirely unique.


Our palm mats are all entirely handmade by artisans of Chimichagua in the wetlands of Northern Colombia.
The palm is harvested locally, then dyed and later handwoven on a traditional wooden loom.
The mats or ‘esteras’ were born from a simple palm mat that was used to sleep on, and have evolved to include an incredible array of patterns, colours and designs.

Most of the mats in our collection use all natural dyes including the seeds and leaves of native plants and trees.

These weavings are suitable to be used as mats for the floor or decorative hangings for walls or doors.

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